Helping children in war zones and Canadian refugees to have sweet dreams by giving them a break before going to sleep is made possible by Radio-Dodo.
Radio-Dodo is neutral and is aimed to children and refugee families. More particularly, for kids from 3 to 7. The show is bilingual [French, Arabic]. It is broadcast on Rozana and Djekafo radios every Sunday, from 7pm to 8pm. The very first program was broadcast on January 1, 2017.

Radio-Dodo distributes small radios and toys to young refugees so they can better enjoy their childhood.

Partners and collaborators

Based in Paris, Radio Rozana is aimed primarily at Syrian refugees by addressing the issues that concern them. It broadcasts Radio-Dodo in Turkey and in northern Syria.

Radio-Dodo is also available via the Internet in Canada, as everywhere on the planet.

Special collaborators

  • Hon. Louise Otis: to the overall mission
  • Emmanuelle Dastous-Sara: financing
  • Samuel Rioux: the website and the visual aspect

Board of Directors

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