À écouter et réécouter alors que l’Équipe Radio-Dodo est en mode préparation pour la saison 2019.

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Children affected by the war in Syria have missed out on school, play and frequently, a good night’s sleep. Now a radio station in Montreal is trying to help refugee children by broadcasting stories and songs to help them go to sleep feeling safe and happy. Called Radio Dodo or Sleepytime Radio, it broadcasts in Canada and Turkey and can be found online. The programme’s co-director Sanaa Bendahmane is a young Algerian student at the University of Quebec, and founder of the station is Brigitte Alepin. They spoke to Newsday’s Karnie Sharpe.

(Photo: Syrian children sit while awaiting to be evacuated from the Eastern Ghouta. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

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BBC World Service – Newsday, Radio Dodo soothes young .

Lien de l’article : Écouter l'entrevue


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