Hello friends, in 2019, the children animate Radio-Dodo. All from Quebec and between 8-10 years old, Alice Fréchette Alepin for the French show, Francisca Montecinos for the English show and Rahaf Ataya for the show in Arabic.

Alice is the youngest. From the top of her 8 years, she has already written a book with her daddy, Biz, entitled “C’est Flavie”. Francisca, 9, is passionate about ballet, modern dance and speaks fluent French and English and some Spanish. As for Rahaf, she is a 10 years old Syrian girl who arrived in Montreal with her family 2 years ago. She dreams of becoming an actress, like her dad.

Rahaf, animatrice de l’émission arabe
crédit (Victor Diaz Lamich)

Alice, animatrice de l’émission en français
crédit (Victor Diaz Lamich)

Francisca, animatrice de l’émission en anglais
crédit (Victor Diaz Lamich)


Thanks to Bernard Derome & Marya Zarif for making us dream during the 2019 season. We’ll meet you again this year during Bernard’s RDV and the chronicle, My friend Dounia …

Meet us on the air every Sunday evening, 7 pm, on Rozana radio, Djefako radio and on the websites of CHOQ.ca and Radio-Dodo.

Email us on : info@radio.dodo.info

Good listening !

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