C’est déjà la dernière émission compagnie d’Alice, co-animatrice de la saison 2019 de Radio-Dodo…

Ce soir, on départ pour le monde des dinosaures. Dans un premier temps, on se familiarise en chanson avec les dinosaures à travers la vidéo « les dinosaures » de la chaîne Chansons pour enfants. Par la suite, on répond à la question Pourquoi les dinosaures ont disparu ? grâce à 1 jour, 1 question. Sanaa Bendahmane nous lit la comptine « J’ai vu un dinosaure » de Marie-Hélène Lafond. Enfin, Maxine Denis clôture l’émission avec l’histoire Le petit dinosaure vert qui avait mangé trop de bonbons rouges Martin.

Bonne écoute !


Rahaf Ataya

Rahaf Ataya

Je m’appelle Rahaf Ataya et j’ai 10ans. Je suis originaire de Damas, capitale de la Syrie, et je vis maintenant à Montréal avec mes parents et mes deux grands frères. Je suis en quatrième année. J’écoute beaucoup la musique et la radio. Plus-tard, je veux devenir une artiste tout comme mon Papa !

Alice Fréchette Alepin

Alice Fréchette Alepin

Alice est une vraie petite créatrice. Elle s’amuser à faire des petites sacoches avec des vieux chandails, faire du bricolage pour décorer ou s’amuser avec de la « slime » avec toute sorte de différentes recettes. Elle a huit ans et pratique le ballet artistique depuis qu’elle a trois ans. Elle fait du karaté et depuis cet automne elle fait du patinage artistique ! Elle aime chanter, danser et rire ! Ah oui !!! L’été dernier elle a même joué dans un film. !!! Et avec son papa, elle a fait le livre « C’est Flavie » où elle fait tous les dessins !

Francisca Montecinos

Francisca Montecinos

Hi, my name is Francisca and I am 9 years old! I live in Montreal; Canada. I speak two languages: French and English, but I also know a little bit of Spanish.  I like to dance ballet and modern dance. I love to go to the swimming pool. I study in a French school, but I talk in English with some of my friends as well. My favorite class is French! 

Sanaa Bendahmane

Sanaa Bendahmane

Étudiante ESG UQAM
Teresa Picciano

Teresa Picciano

A Montreal native, multilingual in English, French, Italian, and conversational Spanish, Teresa has a deep passion for acting and works relentlessly in perfecting her craft.

Recent achievements include the production of her first short film entitled “Fifty Five” where it received four nominations for lead and supporting actress, cinematography and winner for best director; A lead in the role of the groom’s mother, a first of its kind in Montreal, in the interactive wedding theater show “Joe and Mary’s Wedding, lead role as Winifred from Tad Mosel’s play, “Impromptu”, A principal role as Moribonda in the production of CarMa at her first Fringe Festival, Principal role in the award-winning original TV series 19-2 along with other released short and feature films.

Additionally, Teresa was accepted into the local television volunteer program at MAtv and is now applying her experience in television programming as a columnist, reporter and TV host.

With a ruthless sense of discipline and belief in bringing her dream to life, alongside her casted roles, Teresa is working on several short films, a feature film, producing her own television series and volunteering radio narration storytelling at Radio-Dodo.

Elie Yabroudi

Elie Yabroudi, born in Damascus, Syria. He always had interests in films and theater.
In 2015, Elie participated in a Christmas play where he presented a smart, funny, little Philip who interacted with children from different ages.
After that he moved to Canada and start a new chapter of his life experiencing the new concept of being a refugee and overcoming all the struggles that a refuge can face in a new country and culture.
Working on his languages and adapting to a new lifestyle.
Elie was able to get back and focus on his passion, working on himself, developing his talent and taking multiple classes from acting to voice classes.
He was also able to participate in multiple workshops in Quebec.
In Addition to his passion for acting. Elie loves working with children. When he was in Syria, he used to volunteer and participate in several events that served different age criteria.
Recently he back to work for children again by joining the amazing team of Radio-Dodo as a new storyteller.

Mirna Tadros

Passioned by acting, theatre and television. Mirna Tadros is pursuing her passion by doing acting classes, workshops and she had the chance to participate as an extra in « Montreal Girls » movie by the director Patricia Chica. She is also doing her bachelor of mathematics, actuarial science at University of Montreal. In addition to that she joined the incredible team of Radio-Dodo as a new storyteller.

Maxine Denis

Maxine Denis

Maxine Denis was born and raised in Dubai with a Lebanese mother and a Canadian father. Growing up in a multicultural family and city, she now speaks four languages: English, French, Arabic and Spanish. Maxine has always had a passion for acting, whether on screen, on stage or behind a microphone. From a very young age, she always found a way to take part in the industry. She came to Montreal to pursue a Psychology degree at McGill and further her acting. Moving to Montreal alone at eighteen was a challenge, but she managed to build a foundation, a home even, and is now a professional working actor represented by Bellini International. Maxine is very honoured to be a narrator at Radio Dodo where she hopes to bring smiles to children across the globe through the magic of story telling!



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