Radio-Dodo is a Canadian non-profit organization that produces a show dedicated to children victim of war. On the air every Sunday evening at 19h, it offers them a moment of truce to dance, to sing, to smile and then dispose them to make sweet dreams.

Radio-Dodo is available in French, English and Arabic. Thus, everyone can choose to listen to the program in the language wanted. In this sense, we are certain to reach the greatest number of children, regardless of country and language.

Radio-Dodo respects a strict neutrality to ensure the trust of the parents. Also, humanity missions are realized in territories of wars to offer radios and toys to the kids so they can enjoy the show.

Our team is composed of:

Board of Governors

Brigitte Alepin, Bernard Derome, Louise Otis­­­­, Caroline Codsi


Alice Fréchette-Alepin, Francisca Montecinos, Rahaf Ataya


Bernard Derome, Sanaa, Marie-Anne Alepin, Marya Zarif, Louise Otis


Romy Boutin St-Pierre, Paula Henriquez-Karmis, Caroline Codsi, Marie-Raphaëlle LeBlond, Geneviève Rioux, Sanaa Bendahmane, Marya Zarif, Kim Thúy, Marie-Anne Alepin, Isabelle Maréchal, Bernard Derome, Louise Otis, Martine Desjardins, Josette Trépanier, Michel Rivard, Véronique Nazair-Blanc, Macha Grenon, Catherine Clouzard, Pierre Brassard, Marie-Ève Marleau, Gabriel Veiga, Isabelle Veilleux, Anne Salvagniac, Sophia Sabbah, André Bombardier, Pascale Perrault, Nathaly Pasieczny, Claire Le Roux, Annie Hudon-Friceau


Brigitte Alepin, Sanaa Bendahmane


Brigitte Alepin, Sanaa Bendahmane, Paula Henriquez-Karmis


Sanaa Bendahmane (Arabe) , Paula Henriquez-Karmis, Gabriel Veiga (Anglais), Marya Zarif (Arabe)


Marie-Raphaëlle LeBlond (Premières Nations et Moyen-Orient), Romy Boutin St-Pierre (Maroc)


Vanessa Mariée


Stéphanie Jobin


Collaborators Advisor

Will Maurer

Media relations

Brigitte Alepin


Brigitte Alepin, avec l’aide de Sanaa Bendahmane

General Coordinator

Sanaa Bendahmane



Radio-Dodo is an initiative patronned by the Canadian Commission for UNESCO

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